Traveling to Victoria, Canada? Explore More Sustainable Accommodation Options!

Traveling to Victoria, Canada? Explore More Sustainable Accommodation Options!

Embarking on the prospect of exploring the charming cityscape of Victoria, British Columbia, brings forth the excitement of new discoveries and captivating experiences. 

From its historic architecture to the vibrant culture scene, this city invites exploration at every turn. Whether you’re drawn to the iconic landmarks, the lush greenery of its parks, or the beautiful harbor, Greater Victoria has a magnetic pull that captivates the hearts of visitors! 

If you are planning a trip to this destination (and you should be!) and you are on the lookout for a place to stay in this city and sustainability is a priority for you, we have got an excellent choice for you: The Parkside Hotel & Spa, a great combination of conscious practices and unparalleled comfort. 

About The Parkside Hotel & Spa:

Established in 2009, The Parkside Hotel & Spa is nestled within the vibrant heart of downtown Victoria with its 126 suites. It has earned its place as a central hub for rest, socializing, and leisurely pursuits. Whether you find yourself in the city for work, a casual escape or a special trip, this hotel will adapt to your diverse travel needs. 

In 2021, a significant chapter unfolded as the hotel embarked on a journey of reconciliation with the Songhees Nation, on an initiative that reflects a dedicated effort to honor the indigenous heritage of the land, creating a cultural acknowledgement within the urban landscape. 

Working on Sustainability:

One of the hotel’s standout qualities lies in its continuous efforts in sustainability and its commitment to fostering responsible tourism. Here is an overview of some noteworthy practices in these areas, so take notes if you are a conscious traveler! 

  • The Parkside Hotel & Spa stands out as the first hotel in Greater Victoria working towards a Memorandum of Reconciliation (MOR) and becoming Friends of the Songhees. Acknowledging the ləkwəŋən peoples and maintaining respect for their traditional territory is a cornerstone of their ethos. With multiple sustainability awards and certifications, including being a certified Biosphere member, The Parkside Hotel & Spa leads by example in implementing sustainable practices in the hospitality industry.

  • Through Coastal Kelp, the hotel plants one kelp for each reservation and ten kelp plants if guests decline housekeeping. Partnering with Veritree, they aim to rebuild kelp forests in British Columbia, Canada.

  • As a carbon-neutral hotel, The Parkside Hotel & Spa has been offsetting greenhouse gas emissions since 2019. 

Biosphere Certified! 

Since 2022, The Parkside Hotel & Spa has been a Biosphere Certified member, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability and maintaining a balanced approach to economic, socio-cultural, and environmental aspects, following a methodology based on the 17 SDGS and 169 targets of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. 

The hotel’s ethos is an integral part of the local narrative and invites you to immerse yourself in the cultural and environmental tapestry of the city. If you are a conscious traveler who seeks to explore culture and prioritize environmental conservation, opting for hotels committed to sustainability is a fantastic choice. This way, you can contribute to a more responsible form of tourism, have the best travel experience and be part of a positive change! 

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